Australia’s highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry

Australia’s highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry

Dropoff and pickup service

Reviewed on June 2, 2020

The whole process was flawless. Online forms were submitted overnight and vehicle was delivered by midday the following day. Would definitely recommend to everyone. The staff were extremely helpful. The vehicle was new and in perfect condition.


Great customer service, excellent vehicle provided and easy process!

Reviewed on June 2, 2020

Fantastic customer service, all payments handle by other party so easy for me. Vehicle very reliable. Was able to go on all required trips with vehicle provider, had nill issues


This is perfect! Can't live without it!

Reviewed on May 20, 2020

The car has brand new condition and very good service and delivery the car for you promptly. Totally hassle free. Would like to hilghly recommend this company to all of the people when have an car accident.

Leo L.

Loved it. So easy

Reviewed on May 22, 2020

Easy to access. Compassionate and understanding on the phone shortly after accident. The car was equivalent to mine and dropped to repairers at an earlier hour than they might usually deliver. Very happy with service and would happily recommend

Jo J.

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Had a car accident? If you are not at fault we’ll deliver a replacement car to you to use while your car is off the road, at absolutely no cost to you. Our contract of indemnity guarantees* you’ll never have to pay for the courtesy car, with our charges paid by the insurance company. We’ll even pick the hire vehicle up when you’re done with it, so you’re never without transport! Get in touch now to see how our accident replacement vehicles can make an unpleasant situation much better. *Terms and conditions apply.

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We approve your application

We deliver the replacement vehicle

We monitor your vehicle repairs

We invoice the insurer directly

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On successful approval of your application, you the renter remain liable for the hire car invoice. Acorn Rentals will immediately indemnify these rental charges and claim the invoiced amount from the at-fault party. Acorn Rentals may require your assistance with this recovery including: providing information, documentation, and authorisation attendance and attendance for any commencement of legal proceedings. While the Acorn Rentals vehicle is in your possession you will liable for any loss to the Acorn Vehicle as well as tolls and any infringements incurred during the rental period.