Take A Midweek Break

Take A Midweek Break

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Occasionally, everyone gets the urge to say “enough is enough” and head out of town. When you get that feeling, don’t fight it. Pack a bag and hit the road.

Then again, why wait until you’ve had enough? A midweek break can be one of the best ways to enjoy some down time and comes with some added benefits.

If you need to justify it to yourself (or your boss, your significant other, or your dog) here are three convincing reasons to take off on a Wednesday – or even a Monday.

1. Less traffic
Getting out of town on a weekend can kill the mood. There’s nothing quite as bad as having a traffic jam sitting between you and your vacation. Driving on a week day means you miss the traffic snarls and you can have a relaxing drive rather than trying to stay calm in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

2. Smaller crowds
Popular holiday spots draw the crowds. There’s no doubt about it. If you’re heading to the beach on a sunny weekend, you’re in a fight for your life just to find a patch of sand. Try the same thing on a weekday when those poor souls are all at work and you can pick prime spot. As a bonus, if you travel outside of school holiday times, NO KIDS.

3. Cheaper rates
Holiday destinations survive by charging higher rates when everyone wants them. It’s simple supply and demand economics. Weekend rates can be double or triple what you would pay during the week. This means you can save a small fortune to spend on a fancy dinner, or upgrade your room to something super luxurious and you’ll probably still have some money left in your pocket.

Now that you’ve talked yourself into a sneaky holiday, don’t just dream about it. Get booking!

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